How to Troubleshoot a Pur Water Filter

We all need to drink water to live. Many people have filters on their taps to ensure that the water they drink is clean. Pur has developed pitchers that can filter water for you. These filters disinfect water from microorganisms and other impurities. Although Pur makes great products, occasionally the filters of the pitchers malfunction. If it is not time to change the filter entirely, below are tips on how to diagnose and repair the problem.

Troubleshoot a Pur water filter

Unfiltered and Filtered Water Mix

Step 1

Remove the filter. Twist the filter to the left to unscrew it from its position in the Pur water pitcher. Pull the filter out of the pitcher.

Step 2

Clean the filter and the pitcher thoroughly with cold water and mild soap. Dry each piece very well.

Step 3

Screw the filter back into place. Twist the filter to the right to set it back in place. Make sure that the filter is secured tightly to the pitcher.

Unfiltered and Filtered Water Comes Out When You Pour

Step 4

Fill the pour tray with water until the pitcher is almost full.

Step 5

Wait for the water to drain through the filter. You must wait for the entire pour tray to be filtered before you use the pitcher.

Step 6

Pour fresh, filtered water out of the pitcher. You will see that there will be no unfiltered water mixed in.