Husqvarna Viking sewing machines are top-quality sewing machines that will work for you trouble-free if you know how to use them properly. Some features on the Swedish-brand Husqvarna Viking may be a little different than other sewing machines, so even if you've sewn for a long time, take the time to familiarize yourself with your Husqvarna Viking.

Tips for using your Husqvarna Viking sewing machine.

Examine the Take-up Lever

Take the time to re-thread your machine.

Most people think that tangled thread on the underside of the fabric you're stitching is caused by an improperly threaded bobbin, but on a Husqvarna Viking that's usually not the case. Husqvarna Viking's have a jam-proof bobbin, so stitching issues are usually a result of the top thread being threaded incorrectly, not the bobbin. The number one culprit is that the thread has come out of the take-up lever. Identify your take-up lever with the aid of your user manual, and inspect it whenever you're having a stitching problem. Of course, it never hurts to completely rethread the top and bobbin thread, ensuring to do it correctly.

Clean Your Machine Regularly

Use the lint brush that came with your machine's accessories to clean your machine.

Most Husqvarna Viking sewing machines do not require oiling, so as an owner, one of the most important maintenance chores you can perform is to clean your machine thoroughly and regularly. Refer to your user manual for instructions on completely opening up the bobbin section (usually a few simple steps on newer models) to remove lint and debris. Turn the hand-wheel slowly by hand, and use a lint brush, paint brush or vacuum with mini attachments to get lint out of every corner. Clean any lint or bits of thread from the upper thread tension discs.

Change the Needle

Change your needle.

Many sewing problems are caused by a dull, bent or improperly sized needle. You may be overwhelmed when you see the variety of needles available in the store, but the appropriate needle may be the difference between a troublesome project and an easy one. Take the time to read the needle packages. Larger numbers are for thicker fabrics and smaller numbers are for thinner. A good, middle-of-the-road needle is an 80/12.

Learn a Little Metric

Many sewing rulers and tape measures have metric on them.

Husqvarna Viking is a Swedish brand, so most of the measurements on the machine are metric. Even if you're unfamiliar with the metric system, getting acquainted with some basic sewing measurements isn't difficult. For seam allowances, 5/8 inch is equivalent to 15 mm, which is marked on the machine's throat plate; likewise, 3/8 inch is equivalent to 10 mm, also marked. Remember that if you need any tools to open up your machine for cleaning, they'll be metric as well.

Check the Dials

Husqvarna Vikings have several dials (or computerized buttons) to give you control over your sewing, including tension settings and presser foot settings. Ensure that they are set properly. Refer to your user manual for the standard settings and any changes that need to be made for certain projects. Fabric that won't feed or tension that is off may be the result of improper settings of these dials.

Get Your Machine Serviced Regularly

Depending on how much you sew, take your machine in an authorized Husqvarna Viking technician for a thorough cleaning and tune-up. Because Husqvarna Vikings are Swedish, some of their parts work differently from other machines, so take it to a repair shop that is familiar with Husqvarna Vikings.