A manufacturer of measurement products dating back to 1851, Taylor Precision Products features a line of products ranging from thermometers to aeronautical instruments. Owners of a Taylor home scale are able to calibrate the device for precise weight measurements. Whenever the scale has been moved or moved away from zero in some other manner, the scale should be reset to ensure that the readings provided are accurate. This calibration process should also be completed upon first receiving a Taylor scale, as the scale may fall out of adjustment during transit.

Proper scale calibration is important for accurate measurements.

Step 1

Place the scale on a hard floor to perform the calibration. Make sure that the scale is even and that no carpet is under any part of the device.

Step 2

Press on the scale with one foot until the scale's display shows either a zero or dashes. This resets the scale and prepares it again for measurement. Stop pressing on the scale once it reads zero. The scale turns itself off after you've used it.

Step 3

Stand on the scale with both feet to receive a new weight measurement.

Step 4

Step off the scale once the measurement process is complete. The scale calibrates itself fully once you step off. The scale is now ready to provide accurate weight measurements.