How to Remove a GE Microwave Door

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No matter how good your online search skills, you may struggle to find instructions on how to remove a GE microwave door. The company only provides service manuals to authorized technicians, so manuals for current models are scarce. The doors on most models are straightforward to remove and are constructed very much like those of other brands, so it's a simple job even if you can't find GE-specific instructions.


Why Remove a Microwave Door?

Many of the common problems microwave owners experience are related to the door's closing and locking mechanism, and the simple do-it-yourself repairs shown on sites like PartSelect often begin with disassembling the door and removing its inner panel. You can do this without removing the door from the microwave, but working on the door while it's in place can be inconvenient, whether it's on a crowded counter or mounted over your range.


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Removing the door can also make it easier to give your microwave a deep cleaning, especially if you're wiping away those irritating drips and grease spots that sometimes accumulate between the inner and outer surfaces of the door. Again, you can remove the door's inner panel without taking the door off, but it's more convenient to have the door on a flat, well-lit surface while you work.


Before You Remove the Door

Removing the door from most GE microwaves, whether they're countertop or over-the-range models, is quick and easy and requires little in the way of tools. A putty knife, a flat-head screwdriver or even a butter knife from your silverware drawer will do the trick.


Before you start, unplug the microwave. Removing the door won't involve any electrical connections, but unplugging any appliance before you work on it is a good habit to practice.

Remove the Inner Panel

Look closely at the inner panel of the door. You'll see that there's a small gap between the plastic inner panel and the glass of the microwave's door. Insert the tip of your putty knife, screwdriver or butter knife into this gap and twist it, gently. The plastic panel is held in place by several small tabs, and twisting gently will loosen the ones closest to the point of insertion.


Slide your tool gently sideways until you meet with another clip, then repeat the gentle twisting motion to pop it. Continue around the inner panel until you have detached each of the clips, then carefully pry the inner panel away from the door and set it aside on your work surface.

Remove the GE Microwave Door

Look at the hinges of the door, now that they're exposed. You'll see that they consist simply of two pins in the door, which drop into corresponding holes on the frame of the microwave. Lift the door up and out of the holes and place it on your work surface.


Complete your repair or cleaning, and then replace the door on its hinge pins. You may find it helpful to have someone hold the door while you align the pins correctly. Hold the door's inner panel in the correct position so its tabs line up with the corresponding slots, and then gently press it into place. Work your way around the panel, pressing firmly with your thumbs or the heel of your hand, until all of the tabs have locked into place with an audible click.




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