DIY: Problem With the Water Cooler Freezing Over

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Adjust your water cooler temperature to keep it from freezing.

The water cooler in your home or office is designed to deliver hot or cold water at any time during the day. If your water cooler keeps freezing there are problems with the system. Either the temperature is set too low or you have a problem with the Freon going into the water. Resetting the temperature is a fairly straightforward process. However, solving a Freon problem will take a technician with a CFC certification.


Step 1

Go to the back of the water cooler and unplug the power from the wall outlet.

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Step 2

Leave the water cooler unplugged for 24 hours or until the water has unfrozen.

Step 3

Go to the cold temperature knob on the back of the water cooler and adjust it to a warmer setting. The cold temperature knob will be labeled "Cold Water." Modern water coolers will have a digital thermostat. Use the controls to adjust the water cooler temperature.


Step 4

Allow the water cooler to chill the water without freezing.

Step 5

Repeat this process with a higher temperature if needed until the water stops freezing.

Step 6

Contact a CFC certified technician to check the freon levels on the water cooler if it continues to freeze up.

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