How to Grease the Bearings of a Swamp Cooler

The grease fittings on the top of the swamp cooler bearings require regular maintenance in order to prevent the bearings from drying out. When the bearings are getting dry you will hear a "chirping" or squeaking in the cooler as the blower fan turns. Greasing the bearings of the swamp cooler takes only a few minutes and will keep this evaporative cooling machine running properly.

Step 1

Turn off the water at the shut off valve for the swamp cooler and flip the power switch off for the cooler at the breaker box before attempting to grease the bearings.

Step 2

Take the cooler panels off the sides of the swamp cooler and locate the grease fittings on the top of both bearings. The bearings are at both ends of the blower shaft.

Step 3

Open the caps on the top of the grease fittings and place three or four drops of 20-weight non-detergent SAE oil in the fittings to oil the bearings. Place the caps back on the grease fittings and put the cooler panels back on the cooler.

Step 4

Turn the water supply on to the cooler at the shut off valve and flip the breaker switch to restore power to the swamp cooler.