Step-by-Step Instructions for Installing a Window Based Swamp Cooler

Swamp coolers can be installed in a few different places. To cool a specific room, a window mounted swamp, or evaporative, cooler is the best mounting type. It is essential that a swamp cooler have access to the outside air and to a water supply line. Swamp coolers draw air into a room from outside and pushes the inside air outside through swamp cooler vents. Swamp coolers come in many sizes. These sizes are based on the size of the room or space being cooled. Figure out the proper size for your window mounted swamp cooler by calculating the cubic feet per minute required for your space.

Step 1

Open the window where you will be mounting the swamp cooler.

Step 2

Insert the swamp cooler into the window. The front of the swamp cooler should face indoors and extend only slightly outside.

Step 3

Stack cinder blocks on the room's floor under the swamp cooler so that the swamp cooler's weight rests upon them during the install. The ridge on the bottom of the swamp cooler will sit just past the inside window sill when it is completely installed, but for now it must rest on the cinder blocks.

Step 4

Place a level on top of the swamp cooler unit adjusting the swamp cooler's position until it is level. If needed small pieces of wood or plastic can be used to raise the sides of the swamp cooler.

Step 5

Attach the chain to the back of the swamp cooler by hooking it onto the latch brackets on each side of the back of the swamp cooler.

Step 6

Screw the threaded end of the hooks into the siding on the house six inches from the window's side at the same level with the swamp cooler.

Step 7

Slide the chain onto the hooks. The chain will still be loose at this point in the installation.

Step 8

Move the swamp cooler outward until the ridge on the bottom of the swamp cooler sits just past the inside window sill. The chain will support the weight of the swamp cooler.

Step 9

Expand the sliding panels on the swamp cooler until they fill the window. These are located on the sides and top of the swamp cooler.

Step 10

Apply weather stripping along the seams between the swamp cooler's panels and the window edge.

Step 11

Put water into the swamp cooler according to the manufacturer's directions for your model.

Step 12

Turn on the water cooler.