How to Use Noma Air Conditioner Controls

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Noma window air conditioners are available in several sizes, and they vary slightly from one model to the next. However, their capabilities and function controls are similar among various models. Once the installation of your A/C unit is complete, fully understanding how to use Noma air conditioner controls allows you to make the best use of whichever model you have.


Turn the A/C Unit On and Off and Choose a Mode

Press the power button on the control panel once to turn on the air conditioner. Press the button again to turn off the unit. Once the unit is on, the mode indicator lights tell you which mode your air conditioner is operating in and allow you to choose a different one. Press the mode button repeatedly until the LED light indicates the mode of your choice:


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  • Fan mode runs the fan by itself; it does not cool the room.
  • Dry mode reduces moisture in the conditioned area. The unit operates at low speed and chooses the optimal temperature.
  • Cool mode chills the conditioned area.
  • Eco mode saves energy by operating the compressor intermittently and the fan at low speed when the compressor isn't running.

Setting the Temperature

Your Noma air conditioner allows you to set the room temperature between 61 and 86 degrees Fahrenheit. The compressor operates automatically to cool the room according to the setting.


  1. Press and hold the mode and down arrow buttons simultaneously for five seconds to toggle between Fahrenheit and Celsius displays.
  2. To increase the temperature by 1 degree, press the "up" arrow button once.
  3. To decrease the temperature setting by 1 degree, press the "down" arrow button once.

Setting the Fan Speed

You can choose the fan speed on your Noma air conditioner when in cool, dry, or fan mode. Press the fan speed button once to switch from one speed to the next. Pressing it again scrolls through the different speeds: high, medium, and low.


Using the Remote Control

The remote control that comes with your Noma air conditioner has a simpler display than the window unit and allows you the same control as the window unit plus additional controls.

Use the power, fan, mode, and temperature selector buttons as you would with the control panel on the air conditioner. Use the air conditioner's display to determine your selections.


Press the dimmer button on the remote to turn off the control panel's display. Pressing the filter button on the remote turns off the clean filter indicator light after filter cleaning.


Using the Sleep Function

The sleep function controls operate from the remote control. During sleep mode, the air conditioner automatically increases the temperature slowly for two hours and then turns off.


  1. Set the mode, fan speed, and temperature to your liking.
  2. Press the sleep button. The display dims after 10 seconds.
  3. To turn off sleep mode, press the sleep button again.

Setting the Timer Function

The timer function on your Noma air conditioner allows you to turn the unit on or off from one to 24 hours in advance.


  1. Set the mode, fan speed, and temperature to your liking.
  2. Press the timer button on the remote control.
  3. When the air conditioner's display flashes, adjust the duration in hours with the up and down arrow buttons.
  4. Press the timer button again to confirm the settings.
  5. Turn off the timer function by pressing the timer button again.



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