How to Get Rid of Dog Smell in a Yard

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Dogs may be lovable, adorable, and incredibly loyal, but they are not exactly the most sweet-smelling creatures of all time. When your dogs regularly do their business in your yard, you may be faced with some lingering odors that, ahem, may not be the most pleasant. Cleaning up waste when it happens, diluting high-traffic areas with water, and investing in the best yard odor eliminators are all excellent ways to minimize those pesky smells and keep your outdoor space in good shape.


Clean Up Waste Frequently

It is important to clean up your pup's poo as regularly as possible. Don't just let it linger in your yard for days at a time. There is no use in trying to get rid of dog-related odors unless you first eliminate the source. Stick to a daily cleanup schedule and dispose of the dog's waste in a compostable bag to help cut down on smelly odors before throwing it in the trash.


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Dilute the Area With Water

Water is an easy and effective way to eradicate urine smells in the yard. Using a garden hose, liberally spray any areas where your dogs tend to mark their territory. Incorporate this into your regular cleaning routine for best results. You can also use soap and water to wash any furniture or other surfaces where the smell seems particularly strong.


Use an Odor Eliminator

Investing in the best yard odor eliminator for your needs is well worth it. An enzymatic-based cleaner is great for tackling tough urine smells. These types of cleaners work by breaking down the bacteria in urine that causes smells. Generally, you can use them on any surface as well as on grasses, plants, shrubs, and anyplace else where odors occur. That said, it is important to read the label instructions on your cleaner to ensure proper usage.


Make a Dog Potty Area

As far as odor prevention goes, it can be helpful to learn which plants can withstand dog urine and which can't and to use this knowledge to create a special area in your yard that is specifically for your dogs' bathroom breaks. Then you can train your pups to use this area. A designated dog potty area is easier to clean. Plus, it will reduce damage to your grass and other plants. You can also use a homemade dog repellent to deter your pups from certain areas of your yard.



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