The Best Home Remedy for Cat Urine Smell

The smell of cat urine is unpleasant and can linger for months. Luckily, if you have a cat that sprays, there are home remedies that can get the pungent smell out of your house.

Cat urine odor removal can be difficult.


Vinegar is a cheap and effective remedy for getting the smell of cat urine out of your home. Combine 1 part vinegar with 1 part water, and apply to the affected area. The vinegar helps neutralize the ammonia in the urine and remove the smell.


While vinegar is the best home remedy for cat urine smell, if your cat has sprayed your carpet or furniture, the use of a commercial product may be more effective than vinegar. Your pet store sells sprays that work by destroying the smelly enzymes left behind in cat urine.


If you have a cat that is spraying in the house, have it examined by your veterinarian, according to the website Spraying outside the litter box could be the indication of a medical issue.