How to Get Rid of Ten-Lined June Beetles

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Things You'll Need

  • Nematodes

  • Tiller

  • Jar

  • White light

  • Vegetable oil

The ten-lined June beetle, also called a ten-lined June bug, is one of the beetles in the June bug family. It comes out primarily during the months of May and June. The beetles are named for the white lines down their backs. While the ten-lined June beetles do not bite or have poison they are a nuisance to anyone who has a garden because they eat the roots of plants. Getting rid of the beetles will allow a garden to recover from the damage.


Step 1

Put nematodes out in the yard around July and August when the beetle larvae are still in the eggs. Nematodes are a parasite which infect the eggs of the June beetles and then slowly kill off the larvae before they reach adulthood.

Step 2

Till the soil. This will help expose the larvae and adult ten-lined June beetles so natural predators, such as toads and birds, eat them.

Step 3

Make a trap for the June beetle. Ten-lined June beetles are attracted to white lights. Make a trap with a jar and white light to bring the adults in. Put a white light above the jar so the beetle will fly toward the light and fall into the jar. Place some vegetable oil in the bottom of the jar. When the beetle falls into the jar, the oil gets on them and prevents them from flying away.