How to Get Rid of Geckos Outside Your Home

Many areas in the country have a large population of geckos. Although geckos are relatively harmless in nature, many a homeowner does not want them hanging around her yard. Unfortunately, there is little in the way of chemical control for geckos so you need to rely on other devices and strategies to rid your yard of them. You can eliminate their food source and/or scare them away from your home.

Some people do not want lizards in their yards.

Step 1

Spray around the foundation of your home with a wide spectrum pesticide like Talstar, Demon WP, Suspend SC or Cynoff to kill the bugs and insects that geckos feed on. Without a food source, the lizards will look elsewhere for sustenance.

Step 2

Get rid of any standing water in your yard: Anything from birdbaths and small ponds to old tires where water pools will make a good breeding ground for insects. Again, reducing the insect population will help to do the same with the geckos.

Step 3

Scare the lizards away. Lizards associate broken eggshells and large bird feathers with large predators. You can spread large eggshells in your yard or place large peacock feathers around your foundation. This will help to reduce the population of lizards in your yard.

Step 4

Get a cat. Lizards are afraid of cats, as cats like to hunt smaller prey like geckos. With a cat on the premises, you will see a reduction in the gecko population.