How to Correct the Spark Plug Gap Setting in a Husqvarna 55 Rancher

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A spark plug in a Husqvarna chainsaw (and, indeed, any gas chainsaw) is what provides the initial energy to light the fuel. However, if it's worn out, broken, older or set incorrectly, you'll encounter issues with your chainsaw. A chainsaw not working at its best can be frustrating, but it can also be very dangerous.


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What Is a Spark Plug Gap?

The spark plug uses a static magnet to create a spark across its electrodes. This spark ignites the fuel of the engine. The space between these electrodes is the spark plug gap distance. If this gap is too large or too small, it will change the spark. It can make it stronger or weaker or happen only intermittently.

Why May a Husqvarna 455 Rancher Spark Plug Need Correcting?

If your Husqvarna is working sporadically, not achieving enough power or not working at all, this could be a result of problems with the spark plug gap. Checking and correcting the spark plug gap can be done at home.

Another reason a spark plug may not be performing properly is if the electrodes of the plug are sullied. They could be covered in oil, moisture or carbon deposits. Cleaning these electrodes should be the first step in spark plug troubleshooting.

Even if your plug is still working correctly, it's recommended to replace it as a form of maintenance. Around 100 hours of service tends to be the maximum that is recommended for a spark plug to undertake before replacement.

How to Correct a Spark Plug Gap

The first thing you'll need to do is to check the spark plug gap specs for the correct gap distance. This information can be found either in the Husqvarna 55 Air Injection chainsaw manual or by taking your chainsaw to the manufacturer, who can measure it for you.

To adjust your spark plug gap, you first need to remove the engine cover. It can be taken off by loosening the four screws and lifting away. Pull the spark plug wire away from the spark plug. Then, remove the spark plug from the engine using the chainsaw multitool.

Tap the electrode to narrow the gap a little. Then, using the gap tool, place it between the electrodes and rotate until the gap setting is correct. You can then reinstall your spark plug using your chainsaw multitool. Reattach the spark plug wire. Finally, you can reinstall the engine cover and test your improved spark plug gap.



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