How to Operate a DeWalt Drill Battery Charger

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DeWalt has been making tools since 1922 and has been in the cordless tool industry since 1994. Since 1994, it has been uphill for them as a leading manufacturer for homeowners and professionals alike. Using the red light on the DeWalt battery charger, you can figure out the status of your battery the moment you plug it in. Following the DeWalt battery charger instructions will help you keep your Dewalt batteries fully charged and maintain a long, healthy battery life.


DeWalt has chargers that can charge batteries from the 12 volts used in some smaller cordless hand tools to the 20-volt larger cordless tools. The versatility is great if you have a small 12-volt cordless screwdriver and a 1/2-inch drive 20-volt cordless impact gun.

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DeWalt Charger Red Light

When you plug the battery into the DeWalt charger, the red light will illuminate and may or may not blink. This light gives the status of the battery via the sequence or speed of the blinks. If the red light is on continuously, this means the battery is fully charged.


Hot/Cold Pack Delay Mode

DeWalt chargers are designed to detect certain problems. If the battery is colder than 40 degrees Fahrenheit or hotter than 105 degrees, the red light will flash one long flash followed by a short flash. If the light is flashing in this sequence, it will delay the charging until the charger has sensed the battery is at a safe temperature for charging. This feature helps prolong the life of the battery.


Replace the DeWalt Battery

Along with the other features of a DeWalt charger, it can sense if the battery is good or bad. The red light flashing rapidly indicates that the battery is not good. If this happens, remove and reinsert the battery. If the rapid flashing persists, check another battery. If the charger shows that battery is also bad, then more than likely, your charger has malfunctioned and you should reset the charger by unplugging it. Wait a little while before plugging it back in. If the charger shows the second battery is OK, then the first battery is bad.


DeWalt Charger Tuneup Mode

Some DeWalt battery chargers have a tuneup mode that helps the battery maintain optimal performance by balancing each individual cell in the battery. It is recommended that you run this mode weekly or about every 10 to 20 charge cycles.

To engage the tuneup mode, place the battery in the charger and be sure it is fully seated. The red light should blink to indicate the normal charging mode. Press the tuneup button. The blinking of the red light will stop, and there will be three quick blinks indicating that the tuneup process has begun. After the three quick flashes, it will blink as if it were charging. The tuneup can take about eight hours to properly balance the cells. When the tuneup is complete, the red light will continuously illuminate just as if it were fully charged.


If you started the tuneup and then change your mind for whatever reason, simply remove the battery from the charger. Wait five seconds and then plug in the battery to give it a regular charge. Remember that it is recommended that you tune up your battery periodically, so find time to do this occasionally to maintain a long, healthy life for your lithium battery.

Charging DeWalt Batteries Without a Charger

Although it can be done, charging any lithium battery without some kind of smart charging controller is not recommended. Lithium batteries can be dangerous if they are not used as the manufacturer intended. It is cheaper and safer to purchase the right charger for your application. Read and understand the instructions for the safety and long life of your batteries.



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