What Are the Tables Called That Sit Behind Couches?

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Sofa tables sit higher than coffee tables.

Tables that sit behind couches serve several purposes, both decorative and functional. They can hold books, photographs, lamps, sculptures and mail. The right color and style can also accentuate your room's decor. Tables that sit behind couches don't have to stay there. They also can be place in hallways and foyers, against the wall in living rooms, and nestled in dining rooms and bedrooms. If you're looking for one but don't recall the name, don't worry. Describe it to an experienced furniture salesperson and he'll know exactly what you're talking about.



Tables that sit behind sofas are called various names, including sofa tables, console tables and hall tables. The tables are about as tall as the back of a couch, and serve a plethora of aesthetic and functional purposes. Sofa tables are available for purchase from many furniture retailers, both in retail stores and online.


There are slight variations within the ranks of sofa tables. Tables can vary in height and width; they can be a bit lower, the same height as or slightly taller than the back of your couch. Tables can be narrow or wide, or have leaflets that fold down on the sides so you can alternate between the two. Some sofa tables are designed simply with no frills. Others have drawers and shelves for storing and/or displaying personal items. Often, sofa tables come with a matching mirror to be hung neatly above the table.



Sofa tables are used for several purposes. Shelves and drawers can be used to hold books, magazines, sewing equipment, candles and flashlights, incoming and outgoing mail and other odds and ends. The tops of sofa tables are used to set down purses, keys and packages, as well as decorations like family pictures, artwork, lamps and items in placement transition. Sofa tables that have open spaces beneath them can also be used for temporary storage.


The name can be misleading. Sofa tables can go in many places throughout your home, not just behind your sofa. Some people put sofa tables in their foyer to liven up the entryway. Others have them as furniture accessories along a living room, dining room or bedroom wall. According to Sofa-Table.com, they can also go between two accent chairs in place of a low coffee table, or between windows, or behind a short loveseat.



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