How to Replace a La-Z-Boy Cushion

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La-Z-Boy sells chairs and sofas with a reputation for providing plush comfort. They're so comfortable that you might find yourself settling into your La-Z-Boy furniture as often as possible. So what happens when the cushion lining suffers some wear and tear or the insert starts feeling more lumpy than cozy? There are several ways to obtain La-Z-Boy replacement cushions and restore your seating comfort.


First, Contact La-Z-Boy

Depending on your cushion model, La-Z-Boy offers a manufacturer's warranty for anywhere from one to five years, but you must uphold the warranty conditions. First, you'll need to have proof of purchase, which could be a physical or digital receipt. You'll then need to locate your furniture's style number and fabric number, which are located on the product ID tag. Product ID tags are commonly found on the underside of chairs and sofas. If your recliner has a retractable foot rest, it can sometimes be found tucked into the underside of the footrest. You'll also need your delivery date.

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It's important to remember that any alterations made to your La-Z-Boy cushion and the use of any chemical cleaners on the upholstery will void the warranty.

Contact the Seller

Furniture sellers may offer an extended warranty beyond the term offered by the La-Z-Boy manufacturer. For example, one seller offers a five-year furniture protection plan that covers rips, stains, punctures, and seam separations.


The La-Z-Boy furniture dealer may also provide a fabric protection plan for an additional cost. The fabric protection plan extends the life span of the upholstery of your La-Z-Boy cushions by chemically treating them. This treatment helps prevent staining and general wear and tear. It may be worth the cost when you replace a cushion so you don't end up in the same position of replacing your new cushion anytime soon.


Replacing a Cushion That's Out of Warranty

If your cushion has worn out after years of daily use, you can still purchase a new one, though you'll likely need to purchase a replacement through the manufacturer. Start by going through your dealer and specify the information found on the product ID tag so they can order the specific cushion for your furniture.


Unfortunately, because La-Z-Boy designs their foam polyester recliner cushions to slope from 5 to 3 inches, you can't just buy another piece of square cushion foam and expect it to fit in your recliner with the same comfortable result. No matter how you receive your specially designed cushion replacement, your La-Z-Boy recliner will require some minor disassembly before the old seat cushion will release.


You'll need to turn the chair upside down, locate the bolts that attach the seat cushion to the arms, and unscrew these bolts with a wrench. The seat cushion should lift off its position. Now you're ready to install your new cushion.



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