How to Replace a La-Z-Boy Cushion

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La-Z-Boy is a company that manufactures different kinds of furniture, from recliners to couches. Their furniture is known for its comfort, which is a result of plush cushions. Over time it is possible to wear out the cushions on La-Z-Boy furniture. Actually replacing the cushions is a quick process, but you need to make sure you match the appropriate cushion to your particular piece of furniture.


Step 1

Locate the information tag on the piece of furniture with the cushion you intend to replace. A replacement cushion may be covered in your warranty.

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Step 2

Contact the La-Z-Boy warranty department and provide the information on the tag. They will be able to tell you if cushion replacement is covered in your warranty. If it is, you can order a new cushion directly from La-Z-Boy. If it isn't, you will have to purchase a new cushion.

Step 3

Purchase a new cushion from a La-Z-Boy retailer. Provide the information found on the tag so you can match the cushion with the specific piece of furniture.


Step 4

Remove the cushion from the piece of furniture and slide the new cushion in its place. If you have a recliner, the rear cushion is attached to the chair back.

Step 5

Locate the cushion release levers on either side of the rear of the recliner. Push the levers upwards to release the back cushion.

Step 6

Lift the back cushion off the body of the chair and replace with a new back cushion. Push the new cushion in until the levers lock in place.


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