Disadvantages of Satin Sheets

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Satin sheets are noticeably shinier than cotton sheets.

You'll have a number of options when you go out shopping for new bed sheets and they don't all just involve color and size. You will also have to select among the more common cotton sheets or luxurious satin sheets. Satin sheets are made of nylon, polyester or silk and typically have a glossy look compared to the flat look of their cotton counterparts. While they may seem to be of higher quality than standard cotton sheets, satin sheets also have some distinct disadvantages.


One of the most pressing disadvantages of satin sheets is that they are much more difficult to clean than standard cotton sheets that may simply be thrown into the washing machine. Nylon satin sheets may be washed in a washing machine and dried in a dryer on the gentlest settings, but polyester satin sheets should be hand-washed and line-dried. Satin sheets made from silk or acetate need to be dry-cleaned. You may hand-wash acetate or silk sheets but you might easily damage them during drying by wringing them out too vigorously or exposing them to too much sunlight.

Cold Winters

Satin sheets are typically thinner than their cotton counterparts, especially if they are made from materials like acetate and silk. This means that they will not trap heat quite as easily, which leads to cold winters if you're relying solely on satin.

Decor Styles

Satin sheets are known for being very glossy and shiny, which may work for some people but not so well for others. The shiny satin may not match your existing bedroom decor. Additionally, satin sheets are typically considered more romantic than standard cotton and are often marketed as such, which may not appeal to everyone.


Satin sheets are typically considerably more expensive than their cotton brethren. This is as a result of the work that goes into making them, as well as the more expensive materials from which satin sheets are often made. A satin sheet could run anywhere from $50 to $150 depending on the material and thread count, making a satin sheet not just a choice of bedspread, but also an investment.


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