Bernzomatic Micro Torch Instructions

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Things You'll Need

  • BernzOMatic BF-55 Butane Canister

  • Sparker (for ST200)

A BernzOMatic Micro Torch is recommended for soldering pipe to repair leaks.

The two BernzOMatic MicroTorch models that are available at the time of publication, the ST200 Micro Torch and the ST2200 Trigger-Start Micro Torch, deliver precise and intense flames for applications such as soldering. Each model includes a tip that you can attach to further direct and intensify the flame, and both models feature an adjustable flame control. These miniature torches run on butane fuel, and they are safe to use when properly filled and lit.


Step 1

Turn your BernzOMatic MicroTorch upside down so the fill hole is on top. Take off the cap of your BernzOMatic butane canister and insert the nozzle into the fill hole.

Step 2

Press down on the canister to fill the torch until a small amount of liquid fuel splashes up from the fill hole. Put the cap back on the canister and store it in a cool, dry place away from any source of fire or sparks.

Step 3

Screw the provided tip onto the threaded end of the torch if desired. Make sure it is on tightly and is clean and free of any dust or dirt.


Step 4

Open the valve of the torch by sliding the switch that is located on top of the ST200 and below the tip until you hear a hissing sound. Quickly light the escaping gas by squeezing your sparker as close as possible to the tip of the ST200 or by squeezing the red trigger at the rear of the ST2200.

Step 5

Turn the adjustment valve as necessary to increase or decrease the height of the flame. The valve is located on the back of the ST200. On the ST2200 it is a red dial on the left side of the top assembly of the unit, when you hold it with the BernzOMatic logo facing you.


Step 6

Use your Micro Torch to deliver a concentrated, clean flame to the surface you are brazing, cleaning or soldering. You can depress the lock button at the top of the ST2200 to keep the flame locked at a certain level while you work.

Step 7

Refill the torch with butane according to the directions in Steps 1 and 2 and relight the torch according to Step 4 if it runs out of butane before you finish working.

Step 8

Clean or tin the tip as necessary if it has come into contact with solder or other materials. Once you are finished, allow the torch to cool down before removing the tip if necessary.


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