How to Dispose of Wood Stain Rags

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Things You'll Need

  • Wood stain rag

  • Metal trash can

  • Metal hangers

  • Garbage bag


Never toss wet stain rags into the garbage can. The heat can cause the residual oil to catch fire very quickly.

Staining a piece of wood, whether it is a slab or a piece of furniture, gives it a rich color and texture that is pleasing to the eye. It is a simple process, too. Pour the liquid stain on the wood and rub it into the grain with a dry rag. Disposing of the rag properly is very important, because oil-based stains are very flammable and rags can easily catch fire if not cured and treated correctly.


Step 1

Gather your stain-soaked rags and take them away from the house or workshop where you were using them. Do not clump them and squeeze them together, simply carry them away.

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Step 2

Lay the rags over metal hangers or the edge of a metal trash can. Be careful not to place them on top of each other, but in one layer. Depending on the number of rags you have, you may need several hangers or trash cans.


Step 3

Allow the rags to cure, or dry, until they are stiff and dry. The length of time it takes depends on how soaked they are with stain, as well as the weather outside.

Step 4

Place the rags, once completely stiff and dry, into a garbage bag. Place the bag in a garbage can for collection.