Standard Overhang on a Bathroom Counter

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They get leaned on, washed down, dumped on and otherwise ignored in the daily hustle of an active home, but bathroom countertops can add style and comfort. The standard overhang on a bathroom counter helps to keep liquids and powders from dripping or falling into drawers and cabinets. A stylized overhang can also add an elegant touch, a modern look or dramatic flair to the bland bathroom countertop.


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Standard Overhang for Bathroom Countertops

The right bathroom countertop overhang will enhance your space. It will play off the colors and materials of the bank of cabinets, prevent spills into and onto drawers and doors, and provide a comfortable space to start and end your day. A countertop with an overhang that is too deep can cause problems with accessing the sink, mirror and areas under the countertop.


A comfortable height for a bathroom countertop has traditionally been around 30 to 32 inches from the floor. Modern countertops can be a little higher, with some vanities rising 36 inches above the floor. Spacious bathrooms may have higher countertops to create a focal point or to highlight a statement piece. Countertops are typically 21 inches deep to offer easy access to mirrors and sinks.


The standard overhang for a bathroom countertop is about 1 to 1 1/2 inches from the cabinet. A bathroom countertop that is surrounded by walls is typically flush with the boundaries and has no overhang except the inch or more in the front.

Bathroom Countertop Overhang Edge Styles

A basic eased overhang is the most common countertop edge. This thick, square countertop overhang is practical and contemporary, with simple, softened edges along the corners. The basic eased overhang is also easy to clean. A contemporary design choice is to have no overhang on vanities with flush cabinets and doors. The bathroom countertop is even with the vanity below for a sleek and modern look.


A straight beveled-edge overhang straddles the line between traditional and modern. It has a classic look, but the 45-degree angled edge that runs just along the top of the countertop adds an elegant touch. The S-shaped groove of an ogee overhang is ornate and unusual, but it can be somewhat harder to clean. Hair spray, oils, lotions and other products often used in the bathroom can collect in the groove and be difficult to remove.


Bullnose Options for Overhangs

A popular choice for the bathroom overhang is the bullnose, demi bullnose or half bullnose. The rounded edge softens the look of the countertop as well as an accidental bump in the night or hip check. Bullnose styles work well with a bathroom countertop material that has an interesting pattern, veining or other feature.

A bullnose overhang is ideal for a bathroom because liquid spills simply roll off and don't collect in grooves or drip under straight edges. Plus, the smooth and rounded edge is easy to clean. Bullnose countertops make the countertop slab look thinner, while a half bullnose or demi bullnose accentuates the material.