How to Clean a Cream Couch With a Magic Eraser

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The Magic Eraser removes mars from household items such as walls, appliances and furniture.

Cleaning a cream couch with the Magic Eraser can mean saving money on professional fabric cleaning, reupholstering or purchasing a new couch. The Magic Eraser is a foam cleaning pad that contains household cleaner. The micro-scrubbers on the cleaning pad become slightly abrasive when wet, creating a surface that lifts dirt stains and discoloration from a number of surfaces. Wipe your couch with the Magic Eraser to maintain the appearance and cleanliness of it.


Step 1

Dust or vacuum the couch to remove surface dirt and dust.

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Step 2

Wet the Magic Eraser and squeeze it, wringing out the excess water.

Step 3

Hold the Magic Eraser in your hand and apply pressure with your fingers. Scrub stains or dirt marks on the cream couch with the Magic Eraser until they disappear. Allow the spots to dry. Re-wet and wring the Magic Eraser as needed.

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