What Is the Most Comfortable Fabric to Have As a Comforter?

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Comforters are simply thicker, warmer quilts.

The fabric most comfortable for use as a comforter on your bed depends a great deal on personal preference. Natural fibers have properties that contribute to your perceived level of comfort while you sleep, but polyester blends do not. This means that you can turn down the thermostat while you sleep and still stay warm and cozy. Lowering your thermostat also reduces the amount of energy you use and the amount of money you pay to heat your home.


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Cotton is the most used fiber in the world, according to Project Cotton at the University of Missouri. Cotton has a smooth, soft feeling against your skin and wicks away sweat and moisture, which has a cooling effect on the body. It is this breathability that makes cotton an ideal fabric to use as a comforter.


Soft, luxurious and warmer than you think, silk is the ultimate luxury in bedding fabrics. Silk is also breathable, allowing excess body heat to escape, keeping you more comfortable. Because it does not require any chemicals in its manufacturing process, silk is also hypoallergenic. Silk absorbs up to one-third of its weight in moisture while allowing air to pass through it, causing the moisture to evaporate. This process keeps you dry and comfortable while you sleep.



A natural fiber that is also fire-resistant, wool is a comfortable fabric for comforters and other bedding. Because of its texture, wool retains the warmth from your body while also allowing excess heat to pass through it. This will keep you warm in winter and surprisingly comfortable in summer, and you won't feel clammy from sweating excessively.

Polyester Cotton Blends

Polyester-cotton bedding, while widely available, is not the best choice for use as a comforter. Because polyester does not easily allow air to pass through it, excess body heat will not easily escape, causing you to sweat excessively despite the cotton in the blend. You will feel cold and clammy, even with several layers of bedding. In warm climates, bedding made of cotton-polyester blends easily sticks to your overheated, sweaty body.



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