Wireless doorbells are surface mounted and require no wiring, making them an excellent option for apartment homes with multiple units, or in cases where an old wired doorbell doesn't work and the homeowner doesn't have the means or skill to repair the wiring. Wireless bells can be installed in place of an old wired bell, or in a space where no doorbell has been installed in the first place.

Replace an old wired doorbell with a wireless bell.

How They Work

Every wireless doorbell button contains a transmitter, which emits a frequency recognized by a receiver located within the chime box. When the button is pressed, the bell rings. Most models feature several different chimes, and several frequency options. If you notice that your doorbell is going off for apparently no reason and you have a close neighbor, you may need to change the frequency. The receiver can pick up a transmittal from a nearby identical box.


To install a wireless doorbell, you can remove the back of the button and screw the mounting plate outside the exterior door. Then you can install a AAA or AA battery in the button housing and clip the button housing into the mounting plate. You can then set the frequency and chime options, and screw the chime mounting plate to a centrally located interior wall. Batteries can then be placed into the receptacle inside the chime housing and the housing clipped to the mounting plate.

Changing From Wired to Wireless

The wires from a previous doorbell don't need to be completely disconnected in order to switch to a wireless bell. Instead, you can simply turn off the electricity, place wire covers over the ends of the wires and push the wires inside the button and chime holes. Then, you can install the wireless button and chime assemblies over the holes.

Battery Replacement

Wireless doorbells rely on batteries, which must be changed periodically. If the doorbell doesn't always sound when the button is pressed, if it chimes without pressing the button or the chime sound changes, it's time to change the batteries. You can press the release buttons on the sides or bottom of the button and chime assembly, remove the batteries and replace them.