Pros & Cons on Microwave Convection Ovens

Unlike a traditional microwave, that is primarily for reheating or defrosting, a microwave convection oven can perform tasks similar to an oven, such as baking or browning. Microwave convection ovens cook quickly, using a fan that distributes hot air evenly. Unlike a traditional gas oven, a microwave convection oven does not use an open flame; this means that a child can use one under supervision.


A typical microwave costs less than a convection microwave. You can find many standard home microwaves for less than $80, at time of publication, while a convection oven microwave retails from several hundred up to several thousand dollars. Microwaves that mount above a stove cost more than countertop units and require professional installation as well. Unlike a traditional oven, however, microwave convection ovens require less energy to operate. According to the Maryland Energy Administration, convection microwaves use two-thirds less energy than a traditional oven.

Size Variations

A traditional convection oven requires a large amount of space but it can also hold a large amount of items for cooking and baking. Microwave convection ovens, on the other hand, are available in large- and small-scale models. Unfortunately, microwave convection ovens are larger than a traditional countertop microwave, which means that they can take up considerably more space in a crowded kitchen.

Process and User Controls

You can can turn on a traditional microwave with the press of a single or quick-cooking button. A convection microwave requires you to first select the type of cooking, select the temperature and stay close to the food while it is cooking. In comparison to a convection oven, however, a microwave convection oven will cook considerably more quickly.


A traditional microwave has reheating capabilities but it cannot roast. A traditional convection oven can roast but has limited heating capabilities, for examples when it comes to items such as popcorn. A microwave convection oven takes both of these uses and combines them.These ovens can pop popcorn but also roast a turkey. In comparison to a stand-alone microwave, the convection microwave is more versatile. Though you can use it in place of a traditional range, a convection microwave cannot cook very large items or broil food items.