Microwave Oven's Average Weight

While all microwaves use small light waves to heat food on a molecular level, not all microwaves are similar. Microwaves come in a variety of sizes and weights; there is no standard or average. Still, each specific type of microwave has its own average weight.

Built in, or over the range, microwaves are often heavier than their stand-alone counterparts.


Found everywhere from houses to apartments and even in the office break room, countertop microwaves are both common and versatile. Countertop microwaves are often lighter than other types of microwaves because they are built for portability. Available in several sizes and power options, countertop microwaves ranges in weight from 29 pounds for a 0.7 cubic foot microwave size to 55 pounds for a countertop unit with a 2.0 cubic foot capacity. The mid-size option for countertop units is 1.4 cubic feet and weighs roughly 40 pounds.

Over the Range

Unlike countertop microwaves, over the range units are built into the kitchen, attaching just over the stove. Over the range units weigh between 50 and 75 pounds, depending on the size, with the mid-size weighing approximately 60 pounds.


For large homes and serious cooks, commercial microwaves are often a popular option. The weight of these units if often determined by the power output, not the overall size. Commercial microwaves range from 34 pounds for a 1,000 watt oven to 137 pounds for a 3,200 watt unit. A 2,100 watt commercial microwave weighs approximately 68 pounds.

Additional Weight

Several additional pieces and alternative cooking options are available for microwaves of all types and each one adds weight to the unit. Convection cooking is an internally available option on several microwaves that only slightly increases weight while microwaves featuring a warming case or under the unit cooling rack can add more than five pounds.

Sean Russell

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