While technically a grass, lucky bamboo is often referred to as a bamboo based solely on its appearance, which is similar to the real thing. The thin stalks of lucky bamboo--like any other type of grass--naturally grow upward in the direction of the sun. A carefully controlled growing environment can manipulate the direction of the sunlight to the plant, which in turn affects the direction in which the lucky bamboo grows. Lucky bamboo stalks retain their shape for their entire lifespans.

Lucky bamboo is a beautiful slow-growing indoor plant.

Step 1

Put the lucky bamboo in a pot with moist soil.

Step 2

Lay a cardboard box on its side in a sunny window. Set the bamboo inside the box so the plant is shaded on all but one side.

Step 3

Watch the growth of the bamboo on a daily basis. Lucky bamboo naturally reaches toward the sun so it will begin to grow sideways and slightly upward due to the light conditions in the box.

Step 4

Rotate the pot counterclockwise 90 degrees when the stalk grows 1/2 inch to 1 inch out to the side. Several factors can affect the growth rate, but expect it to take several weeks for this amount of growth.

Step 5

Rotate the pot as often as necessary to reach your desired results. Rotate more frequently for tight spirals.