How to Fix Stove Knobs

Most stoves use knobs to adjust the heat of the burners. The knobs attach to a burner-knob post connected to an infinite switch, which sends the setting to the stove's control board. Stove knobs are made of heavy plastic or stainless steel and slide on and off the burner-knob post. If a knob has been pulled slightly off the burner-knob post, you can simply move it back into position. However, if the stove knob is damaged, you must replace it to restore proper function.

Each burner has its own knob.

Step 1

Turn the stove knob to the "Off" position.

Step 2

Push the knob firmly back onto the burner-knob post if it has been pulled slightly off. Ensure that the knob is flush with the other knobs.

Step 3

Pull the stove knob straight off the burner-knob post if it is broken. If the knob will not move, wrap a piece of string or wire behind the knob and pry it off.

Step 4

Align the groove on the burner-knob post with the groove on the hole on the rear of the new burner knob.

Step 5

Push the new burner knob straight onto the burner-knob post until it is flush with the other knobs.

Andrew Todd

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