How to Repair a Hole in a Kiddie Pool

Two types of leaks can appear in a kiddie pool, a hole in the side being the most common and one that allows water to leak out. The second type is a hole in the side that allows air to escape, causing the pool to deflate. Both types of leak are repaired in the same manner. Most kiddie pools come with a hole repair kit, but you can use virtually any type of repair kit.

A hole in the side of an inflatable kiddie pool can cause air or water to leak out.

Step 1

Drain the water from the pool completely.

Step 2

Cut a circle or oval patch slightly larger than the hole to be repaired. A circular patch is typically a longer-lasting choice than a square or rectangular shape that can peel up over time.

Step 3

Dry the area around the hole with a paper towel.

Step 4

Rub the area around the hole with an alcohol swab to remove dirt and grease that could interfere with the rubber cement bonding.

Step 5

Wipe off any remaining alcohol with a paper swab.

Step 6

Inflate the pool as much as possible. The patch is not as effective if applied when the pool is deflated. It is fine if some air escapes before the patch is applied. The step does not apply to non-inflatable kiddie pools.

Step 7

Apply rubber cement around the hole in an area a little larger than the repair patch.

Step 8

Place the patch on the rubber cement and smooth down any air bubbles to ensure the patch is airtight and watertight.

Step 9

Apply a little rubber cement on top of the edge of the patch. This provides an extra seal between the patch and kiddie pool. Allow the rubber cement to fully dry before using the pool. This is usually only a few minutes.

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