How Fast Will Lucky Bamboo Grow?

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Growing lucky bamboo takes patience and little maintenance.

Known as Draceana sandriana in the scientific community, lucky bamboo comes from Cameroon and Congo but is grown in other areas of the world through hydroponics. Providing lucky bamboo with the proper growing conditions will ensure that it grows healthy and fully.

Speed of Growth

Floral consultants at Orchids Asia assert that lucky bamboo will grow about 19 inches in six months, in 10 to 12 steps. They state that "each step should take approximately 2 to 3 weeks."


Lucky explains that providing lucky bamboo with access to "diffused lighting" and fresh, clean water will make it thrive.


Avoid using tap water because it contains high levels of fluoride, chlorine and salt. Lucky suggests that you administer only distilled water or bottled spring water when watering lucky bamboo.


Enthusiasts at Lucky explain that adding fertilizer to a lucky bamboo's water will ensure that it receives the proper balance of nutrients, enhancing growth. Use any household plant fertilizer, as long as you can dilute it in the plant's water; for this reason liquid fertilizer is best.


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