How to Install a Lid Support for a Toy Chest

You should install a lid support on a toy chest to protect the little hands that are reaching inside for toys. Lid supports safely hold the lid of a toy chest lid to keep it from slamming down and causing injury. Lid supports must be strong enough to support the weight of the lid without collapsing. A simple calculation helps to determine what strength the lid support needs to be for the individual toy chest. Most lid supports come complete with screws and other required mounting hardware for fast installation.

Toy chests hold toys so they are not a tripping hazard.

Step 1

Measure the depth of the toy chest lid from front to back in inches. Lift the toy chest lid and approximate its total weight in pounds. Multiply the depth by the weight approximation and divide by two to calculate the inch/lbs of strength, or torque, necessary in the lid support.

Step 2

Find a lid support that is more than capable of holding the pressure applied by the lid. Look for the approved weight range on the lid support packaging. It may be necessary to install two supports to accommodate a large heavy toy chest lid.

Step 3

Read the instruction that come with the lid support to find the suggested mounting position and understand the use of the attachment hardware. Hold the toy chest lid support in position on the lid and use a pencil to mark where the screws will go.

Step 4

Have an assistant hold the toy chest lid and support for you so you have free hands to drive in the screws or other attachment hardware.

Step 5

Test the lid multiple times once the lid support is attached to make sure that it is functioning properly. Try releasing the open lid in various positions to see if it holds. Some lid supports can be manually adjusted to hold more weight once installed.