How to Remove a Kitchen Sink That Has a Silver Ring Around It

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You can remove a kitchen sink that has a silver ring around it.
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If you have to remove a kitchen sink that has a silver ring around it, chances are good you are working with a hudee ring. This often-antique plumbing fixture serves a very important purpose, but it can mean a tougher removal process than if you have a more modern basin and countertop combination. However, removal is still possible with the right tools and some assistance from a friend or family member.


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What Are Hudee Rings?

Vance Industries explains that the metal ring surrounding your sink is called a hudee ring, so-named by the two engineers who worked on the project in 1948. At the time, countertops were made of Formica or laminate, but beneath the top of the counter surface was a layer of plywood. Since Formica and laminate were fairly waterproof, any points of entry to the plywood beneath were extremely problematic. This necessitated a seal or barrier or some kind around the sink.

With a hudee ring, the edge of the sink could be flush with the countertop, protecting the plywood layers beneath. By preventing water from entering these deeper layers of the counter, it would prevent the separation of plywood layers and lengthen the lifespan of the countertop.


Sinks are typically not installed with hudee rings anymore, but it is possible you have a very old sink with this structure in your home. Removing it can be a bit difficult, but having the right tools will ensure your success. Some modern sinks do use hudee rings, though

Important Safety Precautions

In many instances, sinks that were installed with hudee rings are very heavy, as they are made from cast iron, unlike today's stainless steel sinks. If you plan to remove a sink with a silver ring, be prepared that it may be quite heavy. Ideally, this project should be undertaken by two able-bodied adults.


Before you begin the process of sink removal, be sure that the water is turned off to the pipes that serve your sink. Then, turn the faucet handles back on to relieve pressure. You'll need to disconnect the faucets completely in order to remove the sink, which can be done by unscrewing the supply lines and mounting bolts with a basin wrench.

As with any plumbing project, avoid the use of corded tools nearby and ensure that all outlets are covered with plastic outlet protectors to limit the risk of electrocution. If you are at all unsure how to proceed with the plumbing work ahead of you, contact a professional for assistance.


Removing the Kitchen Sink

As Sterling Heights explains, the process for replacing a sink with a hudee ring is slightly different than with other styles. To remove your sink, you will need to remove all of the bolts that hold the sink in place underneath the counter. For this step, you'll want to have a second adult standing by. The sink may start to fall as you separate it from its metal ring, so have your helper hold the sink while you remove the bolts.

Then, you can pull the sink and hudee ring straight up and out of the countertop. Depending on the style of sink you have, you'll likely need two adults for this as well. Older-style cast iron sinks may be extremely heavy, so lift quickly over the countertop to avoid damage in case you drop the sink.