How to Remove a Kitchen Sink That Has a Silver Ring Around It

Remodeling the kitchen usually involves removing the old plumbing fixtures and sink. Many of the old kitchen sinks mounted in place with a silver metal ring around them still exist. Some of them are lightweight enamel-coated steel, and some are heavy cast iron. This silver ring, or Hoody ring, made a heavy kitchen sink installation easier for one person. Changing styles and taste over time, and the advent of the stainless steel sink, have made the Hoody rim kitchen sink a rare find. Removing a heavy cast iron kitchen sink mounted with a silver ring around is challenging at best.

Removing a cast iron kitchen sink is a two-person job.

Step 1

Disconnect the water-supply lines from the sink faucet. Shut the water supply valves off under the sink. Open the hot and cold faucets to relieve the water pressure. Unscrew the faucet's water supply line nuts under the sink with a basin wrench. Unscrew the faucet's mounting bolts with a basin wrench and pull the faucet out from the topside of the sink. Clean up any spilled water with a rag.

Step 2

Remove the drainpipes, basket strainers, and disposal from the sink. Unscrew the flange nut from the basket strainer(s) with slip-joint pliers. Unscrew the basket strainer-holding nut with a large pair of slip-joint pliers. Dismount the garbage disposal from its mounting bracket and set aside. Disconnect the disposal-mounting bracket from the sink with a screwdriver or pliers. Pull the basket strainer and disposal-mounting ring out of the sink from inside the sink bowl.

Step 3

Remove the metal ring mounting lugs that hold the sink in place from under the counter. Use a nut driver and unscrew all the bolts holding the metal lugs counterclockwise. Use caution, when you remove the lugs the sink may fall out of the metal ring.

Step 4

Pull the sink and metal ring straight up and out of the countertop. Loosen the metal ring by sliding a putty knife between it and the countertop all the way around the sink. If you are removing a heavy cast iron sink, use two people to lift the sink. Hold the sink by grasping the inside lip of each drain hole where you removed the strainer and/or disposal unit.

Step 5

Use a putty knife to scrape off the old caulking residue left on the counter that was under the silver metal ring.