How to Build a Small Deck for a Mobile Home

A deck makes a mobile home more accessible for family and friends, provides a place to entertain guests and can be a safe place for children to play. A mobile home deck must be free-standing—not connected to the home in any way. The do-it-yourself handyman can build a free-standing deck with the help of a friend.

A typical deck.

Step 1

Rake out a 10-foot square area where you want the deck to go. Level the ground as much as possible. Place a layer of landscape fabric over the pad to keep weeds from growing under the deck. Add a layer of gravel on top of the fabric to keep it in position.

Step 2

Place four concrete post supports on the ground in each corner of the 10-foot square. A concrete post support is a piece of concrete that supports the post. Before setting the supports, level the ground upon which the supports will be placed.

Step 3

Place four 8-foot pressure-treated posts in the four concrete post supports. Place a mark on the post 3 inches below the bottom of the threshold of the door. Attach the rim joist to the outside edge of the post with the top of the joist even with the mark you just made. A rim joist is a 2-by-8 joist that surrounds the perimeter of the deck. Use two 6-inch carriage bolts for each end of the joist. Use a 4-foot carpenter's level to level the rim joist.

Step 4

Place 2-by-8 joist hangers along the rim joist, spaced at 16 inches on center. Set the joist hangers so that the top of the floor joists are even with the rim joist. Use galvanized joist anchor nails to secure the joist and the hangers.

Step 5

Run decking in directions opposite the floor joists. Overhang the rim joist by 1 inch and secure the decking to the joist using 3-inch decking screws. Place two screws at each joist where the decking crosses. Pull the screw 1/2 inch in from the edge of the decking to prevent splitting.

Step 6

Attach two pre-built stair stringers—pre-cut, stepped 2-by-12 pieces that support the stair treads—to the deck using stair hangers. Attach these the same way you attached the floor joists. Cut stair treads to fit between the stringers and secure them using 3-inch decking screws. Use a power screwdriver for this step.

Step 7

Stain the deck to help preserve the wood. The deck is ready to use.