What Kind of Sheets to Put on a Futon

Whether you're sleeping on a futon mattress or regular mattress, sheets help keep the bed clean and make the sleeping experience more enjoyable. Sheet sets designed for standard mattresses work just as well on a futon, although the futon's thickness may affect the fit.

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A futon sofa in an upright position.

Finding the Ideal Futon Sheets

Futon cushions or mattresses are sold in industry-standard mattress sizes, such as twin, full, queen and king. A twin-size sheet set fits a twin-size futon cushion. Since some futons are significantly thicker than others, measure the thickness of your futon cushion and select a sheet set that has a fitted sheet at least as deep or as tall as the cushion. A twin sheet set in one brand may be larger than the same offered by another company, so compare packages to select the largest options within the twin-size range to fit a thick futon cushion. If the fitted sheet pops off the cushion continually, use elastic sheet straps to hold it in place. The straps work like suspenders and clip onto the edges of the sheet, securing one side to the other on the underside of the cushion. Use a dedicated futon cover when using the futon on a frame that converts into a couch or chair; add sheets atop it when using the futon as a bed.