How to Keep Your Shoe Rack Deodorized

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Keep Your Shoe Rack Deodorized

If you want to keep your closet deodorized,it is easy to do so without buying expensive deodorizers.Here is a simple method to deodorize your shoe closet.


Step 1

If your closet smells like stinky shoes,here is what you need to do.Take a small and empty plastic bottle.Bottled water plastic works well since it is thin.Make sure it is completely dry.Use a blow dryer or just dry it in the sunlight.

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Step 2

Cut the top of the bottle.Add some baking soda to it. Place the bottle anywhere near the shoe rack.The baking soda will absorb all the odors.


Step 3

Another method is to cut a pantyhose into small sections.Fill it with baking soda and add two moth balls to it.Tie from both sides and hang it anywhere in the closet.Baking soda and the moth balls will keep the odors away.If you absolutely hate the smell of moth balls,just spray the mothballs with your favorite deodorant and then place it inside the pantyhose.This method works very well in case your shoes smell a lot or there are gym shoes in the closet.



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