How to Identify Kohler Toilets

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Repairing any type of toilet, regardless of the brand, can be a difficult task. If you own a Kohler toilet, it's important to note that different parts of the toilet can have a different model or serial number. If you need to repair a part of your Kohler toilet and don't know how to identify where the model or serial number is located, there are a couple of places on your toilet that you can check. Once you know how to find your Kohler toilet number or serial number, you can repair your toilet.


Tank Model Numbers

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Tank model numbers for the one-piece and two-piece toilets are typically molded into the china or stamped with blue or black ink inside of the tank. The model number has four or five digits and may include a K prefix. In some instances, the number is preceded by the numeral 97 or the letter F.


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The number inside the tank of a one-piece toilet is the primary toilet model number, and the number inside the tank of a two-piece toilet is the number for the tank. Two-piece toilet bowls have their own model number.

Bowl Model Numbers

Only in two-piece toilets will you find the bowl model number molded into the china on the underside of the bowl flange. It's important to note that the number on the bowl is for the bowl only. The tank will have its own model number that is different from the bowl.


Tank Lid Part Numbers

If you need to find a toilet tank lid number, this number is molded into the china. If the toilet tank lid number is not molded into the china, the number should be stamped with blue or black ink on the toilet tank lid.

Identifying the Toilet Model Number

You can identify the toilet model number by locating the toilet serial number. To find the toilet serial numbers on one- and two-piece toilets, you will have to look in a couple of different locations. The serial number can be located on the back or side of the inside of the toilet tank. It can also be found on the back of the toilet tank or the toilet bowl's underside.


For intelligent toilets, the serial number is located on a gray sticker on the back of the toilet. It can also be located on the inside of the left-rear access panel, on the backside of the lid or underneath the vitreous shell. Once you find the serial number, call the Kohler Customer Care Center, give them the serial number and they'll be able to tell you the model number.

Difficulty Identifying Your Model

Sometimes it is difficult to find model numbers in older toilets because mineral or bacteria growth have grown in the tank. To get rid of residue, use a cloth to clean the inside of the tank. In some Kohler tanks, an Insuliner tank liner can cover the model number. To rectify this, all you have to do is record the part number of the toilet tank lid and contact the Kohler Customer Care Center for assistance.



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