How to Reset a Carrier Air Conditioner Unit

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Air conditioners may need resetting in the event of a software problem.
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Carrier air conditioners provide climate control for homes, offices and public spaces with their broad range of appliances. You may find your Carrier AC unit needs resetting if it starts to malfunction, or isn't responding to input via the control panel or remote. Resetting the air conditioner re-starts the internal computer and often restores the unit to normal working order. Exact instructions will vary depending on your model of Carrier air conditioner.


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Step 1

Locate the "Reset" button on the air conditioner's control panel. The button is sometimes very small but usually is labeled. In some cases, it can be found beneath the digital display.

Step 2

Press and hold the "Reset" button down for 3 seconds and then release. The unit may not respond to this step.


Step 3

Press and hold the "Reset" button down for another 3 seconds -- this time a light should flash on the display.

Step 4

Wait a moment while the unit resets. Minor technical problems should be cleared.