The origins of window blinds can be traced back thousands of years. Windows blinds are one of the most widely used types of window coverings. Generally made of vinyl, modern blinds are easy to operate, and are decorative as well as functional. Blinds are offered in many colors, styles, and sizes to accommodate a variety of needs.

Blinds can help keep heat in your house, and sunlight out.

Step 1

Find the blinds' cord. It is usually located on the top of the blinds, toward the right-hand side.

Step 2

Grasp the cord firmly.

Step 3

Pull the cord toward the middle of the blinds until you see the lock release.

Step 4

Guide the cord as it feeds up toward the top of the blinds, lowering them to the level you desire.

Step 5

Pull the cord toward the right side of the blinds until the string locks in place.