While many plants are propagated by clippings taken from the leaves, ferns are instead propagated through taking clippings from the fleshy root, which is known as a rhizome. Root clippings are a more reliable way to propagate a fern than the other option, which is growing the plant from spores. Taking a rhizome clipping from an existing fern gives the parent fern more room to grow, while also producing a new plant

Growing a fern from a cutting ensures a plant that is exactly like the parent.

Step 1

Dig up the fern with a trowel, taking care not to cut into the fern's thick root with the trowel.

Step 2

Gently loosen the dirt from the root, brushing away most of the soil before proceeding.

Step 3

Locate a protruding knob from the parent root. In a mature fern, there will be several small knots which may or may not be growing fronds on the top.

Step 4

Cut away one of the protruding knots with a very sharp knife.

Step 5

Replant the parent fern wherever it was. It will now be able to use the resources where it was planted instead of having to compete with itself.

Step 6

Fill a pot with equal parts potting soil and peat moss.

Step 7

Bury the rhizome in the pot about 1 inch deep. If there is a frond sprouting from the top of the rhizome, bury it so that the base of the plant sits level with the soil.

Step 8

Water thoroughly.