Handmade works of art are great for adding a personal touch to your home's decor, or for giving a gift that's from the heart. Painting inexpensive plastic plates to match your decor, or as a gift for a loved one is a relatively quick craft that can produce some beautiful results. Best of all, your finished artwork is limited only by your imagination, it doesn't cost a lot of money to do and it's easy enough that the kids can even join in.

Painted plates look beautiful on the wall.

Step 1

Set up your work area by covering your table with a table cloth or newspaper. This will make sure the table stays clean, especially if you have kids joining in.

Soapy water will remove fingerprints

Wash the plastic dinnerware in warm soapy water to remove any oils or fingerprints that might be on the plates. Dry the plates well with a clean, soft towel.

Step 3

Decide what kind of pattern and colors you want to use for your plates. Look through magazines or sketch your own. Paints that are made for plastic are usually not safe to serve food on, therefore, choose clear plastic plates and you can paint the bottom side of the plate and then it will be safe to use the plate for food. If you choose a colored plate, paint around the rim of the plate and leave the middle clear for food.

Step 4

Get your paints, paint brushes, cup of water and paper towels ready to paint the plate. If the paint you choose needs a primer, you will do this step now. Some paints require primer and others do not. Check the manufacturer's directions.

Step 5

Paint your plastic dinnerware plates using whatever pattern you chose. Use stamps, stencils or anything you want to add your own special touch to the plates.

Step 6

Set the painted plates aside to fully dry. Follow the manufacturer's directions as to whether you need to apply a coat of clear varnish or how long it will take for the paint to cure.

Step 7

Add a plate hanger to your painted plastic dinnerware plates and you'll be ready to fill your home with handmade works of art.