How to Get Stuck Paper Off Wood Furniture

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That sandwich you reheated in the microwave should have gone on a plate, but you put it on the table by mistake, and now the paper wrapper is stuck there. Don't worry, you can get it off without damaging the finish.


Moisten with Oil -- Wipe Off

Almost any type of oil softens stuck paper, but the safest ones for your table's finish are olive oil or mineral oil. After pulling away as much paper as you can remove, moisten a paper towel with the chosen oil and place the towel over the stuck paper. After about 30 minutes, the paper should be soft enough to wipe away with a cloth.


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Dissolve the Sugar

If the stuck paper is saturated with sugar, you should dissolve the sugar first; a sponge soaked with warm water works best. The water may also remove the paper, but if it doesn't, use the oil to do do that.


Milky Finish

If your efforts or the moistened paper create a milky watermark in the varnish or finish of the wood, coat the area with petroleum jelly or lemon oil, letting it sit for 24 hours. After that time, remove the excess material and allow the wood to dry. You can also apply denatured alcohol to the finish, as the alcohol absorbs any existing moisture. But work cautiously and minimize the amount of alcohol used, as too much can damage the finish.



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