How to Remove Melted Plastic From Wood

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When melted plastic cools down it will harden and attach to virtually any surface. The more porous that surface is, the better the attachment will be. Consequently, plastic melted on wood might be hard to remove if your wood furniture is knotty or unfinished. If it is smooth and finished, you may be able to scrape the plastic off easily. Never use metal objects to scrape finished wood, as this will likely scratch or gouge the wood.


Step 1

Wedge the edge of a plastic credit card between the base of the melted plastic and the wood.

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Step 2

Apply pressure to the credit card to see if the melted plastic will pop off. In some cases, it will pop off cleanly and, in other cases, you may be unable to remove any plastic this way.


Step 3

Cover the melted plastic with petroleum jelly.

Step 4

Turn your hairdryer on to high heat.

Step 5

Concentrate the air over the melted plastic. This will heat up the jelly, which will help heat the plastic. It will soften.

Step 6

Scrape off the plastic with the edge of a credit card once it is soft enough to budge.

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