Hollywood's Golden Age Is Upgraded With Modern Touches at Paley

There's nothing more magical than taking a seat in a restaurant that evokes movie star glamour. Luckily, you don't need an award-winning speech to feel that way — you only need to reserve a table at Paley, a fine dining enclave in Los Angeles. Set in a 1930s landmark building that was once used by CBS Studios at the height of Hollywood's Golden Age, Paley plays off its historic surroundings with striking midcentury features and eye-catching symmetry. But the design firm Bishop Pass didn't want to solely depend on the throwback gray tones and glossy wood panelling to make the space feel upscale. The team worked with hospitality group Plan Do See to balance the dining room's classic features with modern touches, which include an abundance of fig trees and concrete columns, so that today's cultural power players can feel at home. In the end, a blend of old and new is set aglitter with an abundance of windows, making sure that perennial L.A. sunshine always steals the show.

Paley exterior.
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credit: Paley

Paley draws its name from CBS founder William S. Paley and resides in Columbia Square, the network's former radio and television studios. The contrast of pale white concrete against vibrant green planters and grass makes the restaurant's exterior stand out, and gives it a contemporary edge.

Paley dining room.
credit: Paley

Old Hollywood's classic watering holes inspired Paley's aesthetic, and it's not hard to imagine Humphrey Bogart or Lauren Bacall sitting in the center dining area enjoying a New York steak. The pale concrete columns against the rich wood tambour make for an equally stunning pair.

credit: Paley

The design team drew inspiration from 1930s microphones to make the perforated metal wall that divides the dining room from the wine room. Most of the restaurant's design elements, including the gray-and-gold dining chairs, were custom-designed or curated by Yataka in partnership with Bishop Pass.

Fiddle leaf figs in planters.
credit: Paley

Here's a design idea to try — play with gray. In one of Paley's corners, gray Terrazzo hand-poured into geometric tiles make for the perfect background to vibrant fiddle-leaf fig trees and more wood tambour.

Chef's table.
credit: Paley

The glossy white subway tile is yet another gorgeous aspect of the dining room, right in front of the white marble chef's table.