3 Things You Should Never Have in Your Home, According to a Feng Shui Expert

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It goes without saying that everyone deserves a peaceful space to come home to. This is why so many people gravitate toward the ancient Chinese art of feng shui, the goal of which is to improve the flow of energy, or ch'i, through a space, creating prosperity, harmony, health, and luck.


Mastering the art of feng shui is expectedly harder than it looks. So, today we're looking to creator and feng shui expert Jemma of Home Abundance for some help. Jemma explains that if you want good feng shui, there are three styling trends you should definitely avoid.

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1. Glass Dining Tables

A major no-no in feng shui, according to Jemma, is the glass table, which represents fragility and is thought to bring nervous energy into a space — not exactly the ideal vibe for a dinner party. Instead, opt for a wood dining table. Wood represents growth, life, and grounded energy.

2. Art Deco Mirrors

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This style of mirror often has multiple, separated panes of glass. Our expert explains, "A broken or distorted reflection can confuse and disrupt the flow of ch'i, leaving you feeling unsettled."


3. Pendant Lights Over Your Bed

A low-hanging bedroom light might be on trend, but it acts as a source of downward pressure. Jemma compares it to a "poison arrow" that will leave you feeling uneasy and will make it hard to sleep.



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