This Creative Hack Will Repair Any Cat-Scratched Sofa

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Image Credit: Trisha Sprouse for Hunker

Cat got your ... couch? No matter how many scratching posts you set up around your home, there's a solid chance your cat is going to go for your sofa anyway, leaving you with shredded corners.


Before you toss your couch in the trash, consider this hack to give the piece of furniture a bit more life in your home. In a Facebook post, Stephanie Louise shared their take on a cat-scratched couch solution: embroidering the corner to stitch together the shredded pieces.


But we're not talking about a basic stitch to simply keep everything together. Stephanie's embroidery is art. Treating the couch like a trellis, they illustrated climbing plants and flowers to gorgeous effect.

The original post was also shared in the 500,000-member Tips4Home Group on Facebook, where it quickly went viral.

And lucky for those who want to replicate this hack at home, Stephanie even created a YouTube tutorial that details the step-by-step process they followed to create this masterpiece.


In the description, they note that the project took them about 10 hours to complete — it's not an ‌easy‌ fix per se — but they did accomplish it without any previous sewing experience.

So, if you're ready to spruce up your cat-scratched couch, it's time to buy an embroidery kit and get sewing!



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