IKEA Is Making Changes to Some of Its Most Popular Products

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If you love IKEA, it's probably because the brand's furniture and home goods are highly affordable (plus, its Swedish meatballs are delicious too). But with the cost of materials on the rise, as well as shipping prices, the retailer has had to make a few product changes to meet demand and keep its prices low.


By 2024, some of IKEA's most popular items will be made with slightly different materials. The retailer has swapped out things like wood and zinc for more cost-effective materials, such as plastic and aluminum. This could have an effect on where IKEA furniture is manufactured.

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The iconic Billy bookcase, which is usually crafted with wood veneer, will soon be made with "paper foil," which is essentially just contact paper. You'll also find plastic cabinet doors instead of wood, aluminum bathroom hooks instead of zinc, and hollow legs on tables instead of solid wood ones.


The IKEA Billy Bookcase, which will soon be made with paper foil.

It's no secret that the price of lumber skyrocketed during the pandemic and remains a bit unpredictable, while the same happened with zinc as Russia invaded Ukraine. This is IKEA's answer to the current high cost of materials — choosing cheaper ones.


While these new materials will keep costs low for consumers, the quality of these IKEA products may go down a bit as well. IKEA furniture has always been a great option for anyone looking to furnish their home on a budget, and the retailer will continue to do so, but time will tell how long these items will last and if the quality deters customers from purchasing.

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