Costco Is Selling a New Mexican-Inspired Dessert

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If you love the rich spiced flavor of Mexican hot chocolate, you're going to swoon over the newest Costco treat. The warehouse is currently selling Mexican hot chocolate dessert cups, according to Costco Buys on Instagram.


The treats are by Pots & Co, a London-based brand that creates desserts packaged in reusable ceramic cups. The company produces a variety of flavors, from upside-down lemon cheesecake to salted caramel and chocolate pot de crème.

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Unsurprisingly, the Mexican hot chocolate version sounds divine. Per the packaging, it's described as a "creamy chocolate dessert made with single origin chocolate, infused with cinnamon, vanilla, and the subtlest hint of Mexican chipotle."

On that note, according to shoppers who have tried the treat, the Mexican chipotle flavor isn't exactly mild. "We bought them for Easter and they were yummy! The spice is not subtle though. You've been warned," said one Instagram user.

Another person noted that cups are more of an adult treat, as the spice is too much for kids. Good to know.


The Pots & Co Mexican hot chocolate dessert cups cost $10.99 per pack of four. If want to try them out, be sure to stop by the refrigerated section of your local Costco soon.

What is Mexican hot chocolate?

If you're unfamiliar with Mexican hot chocolate, it's a traditional drink in Mexico.


It's generally richer (and less sweet) than hot chocolate in the U.S., as it's made with bittersweet chocolate. Mexican hot chocolate is also spiced with cinnamon and chili powder, giving the drink a delicious kick.

Other desserts at Costco:

Per Costco Buys, the peanut butter chocolate pie is back in the warehouse's bakery section. The dessert costs $19.99 and weighs an impressive 4.5 pounds.


Costco's bakery also brought back its lemon blueberry loaf, just in time for spring. The 2-pound dessert consists of a blueberry-studded lemon pound cake, complete with a butter streusel and lemon icing.



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