Costco Just Brought Back a Dangerously Delicious Frozen Treat

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With summer on the horizon, many retailers are releasing a variety of tasty frozen treats. For example, Walmart just dropped ice cream-stuffed cupcakes, which are brand new to the store. Meanwhile, Costco brought back a popular item — brown sugar boba ice milk bars — and people are pretty stoked.


The bars, which are by the brand Imei, initially appeared at Costco in late 2020. Since then, shoppers have been obsessed with the treat and hoping they'd come back.

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That time has finally come, according to Reddit users. "I have almost bought the Brown Sugar Boba Ice Milk Bars [during] my past three Costco trips," said the original poster. "Can anyone tell me if they are good or not?"

Many shoppers swooped in sharing their praise for the dessert. "They didn't last long in our house. The flavor is warm and sweet. The frozen boba thaw quickly in the mouth and then are chewy," shared one person.

Other users described them as "too good," "super good," and "dangerously good." We're sensing a theme here.


A few people thought the bars were a tad bit too sweet, while others didn't love the texture of the boba. If you think you'll be in either group, consider stopping by an Asian market or H-Mart instead. Here, you might be able to find a smaller box of the I-Mei Brown Sugar Boba Ice Milk Bars.

On that note, the box at Costco is (unsurprisingly) quite large. One package contains 12 bars. You can find out if your local warehouse is selling the product by calling in advance. For reference, the item number is 1480344.


How to make brown sugar boba ice milk bars:

If you're unable to find the bars, you can make them at home by following our boba ice pop copycat recipe.

This is a great option if you can't find the treat at your local warehouse or don't have a Costco membership. Our version is also made with coconut cream and coconut condensed milk, so it's totally dairy-free.



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