This Is the Carry-On You’ll See in Practically Every Single Airport

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Working in the home and lifestyle space, I've come across plenty of cool and design-forward luggage. But there's one cult-fave travel essential I've seen absolutely everywhere, and it's The Carry-On Roller from Beis.


On a recent work trip to Los Angeles, I kept seeing the Beis carry-on, specifically in beige. After I noticed it once, it kept popping up over and over. After checking the site and seeing all the rave reviews, I can see why. Of all the colorways, The Carry-On Roller in beige has the most, with over 6,000 reviews and a 4.9-star rating.

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On top of all the rave reviews, the product specs alone will convince anyone to want to add the carry-on to their cart. It has 360-degree wheels; a cushioned trolley handle; and a durable, hard shell. But what also makes the luggage unique is the built-in weight indicator that lets you know when it's over 50 pounds — aka you can kiss overweight baggage fees goodbye. Plus, it's expandable by up to 2 inches, going from a 49-liter to 61-liter capacity, making it perfect for extra souvenirs (or that inevitable vacation shopping spree).

Even though I've seen Beis all over the internet, seeing it out in the real world made the hype all the more real. But as the owner of The Cosmetic Case, The Expandable Pouch, and probably more to come, I can say that people love the travel brand for a reason, and Shay Mitchell can take all of my money.



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