This Sweet Target Treat Lets You Celebrate Valentine's Day With a Twist

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Like many holidays, Valentine's Day is all about those sweet treats. We're talking candy hearts, pink and red M&Ms, and of course, iconic heart-shaped chocolate boxes. But why stop there? Thanks to a new product at Target, you can celebrate Valentine's Day in a totally unique way.


The retailer is now offering a ready-to-build Valentine's Cookie House Kit by Favorite Day, one of its in-house brands. According to the packaging, the kit includes "pre-baked sugar cookie house pieces, pre-made red strawberry-flavored icing, icing tubes, and candies for decorating."

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The icing tubes come in red and white, while the candies look like a variation of candy hearts. You'll also get a variety of sprinkles in the kit, including some that look like colorful sugar crystals.

Per the reviews on the Target website, it appears shoppers had fun creating this house. Some reported that the cookies were broken, noting that it's a common occurrence in such kits. To work around this issue, one reviewer shared they decorate it as if it's mean to be broken, giving the piece a "cute old house" vibe.


What's more, the kit costs just $9.99, so it's a great deal. You can check if the item is in stock at your local Target by visiting the product page right here.

Favorite Day is also offering a Valentine's Mini Village Cookie Kit for $12.99 and a Cupid's Cabin Pink Sugar Cookie House Kit for $9.99. Can you imagine all of the cookie houses styled together? So fun!


While you're at it, consider picking up a tube of Valentine's Gingerbread Glue for $4.99. This may be helpful if you want to ensure your cookies houses are secure and solid.

If you prefer regular cookies, pick up a Valentine's Day Sparkle Cookie Kit for $9.99 or a Valentine's Heart Cookie Kit. The latter costs just $2.99 and includes one cookie, making it a great choice for gift baskets or quick projects.



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