The 7 Best Standing Desks on Amazon to Instantly Improve Your Home Office

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If your mind and body are feeling the effects of working from home long term, it might be time to upgrade your setup with a standing desk. Whether you're in need of an ergonomic setup to cure back and neck pain or are simply just eager for a change of pace (and height) while working, sit-to-stand desks offer tons of flexibility and benefits. They're also available in endless sizes with functional features that can improve your workspace tenfold. From built-in monitor stands or keyboard trays to headphone hooks and cable management systems, there's an option for everyone — and every budget. Keep reading to see and shop the best standing desks on Amazon.


Best Standing Desk Overall

A smart technology lift system, telescopic height adjustment features, and built-in organization make this electric standing desk our pick for best overall. And at under $180, we don't mind the price tag either. The simple and sleek piece is offered in a variety of sizes, desktop finishes, and color options to match any space.

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Best Standing Desk With Storage

The number one way to reduce desk clutter? Built-in storage. Bonus points if it's sleek. FLEXISPOT's EW8 Comhar Electric Standing Desk nails it in the design department with a minimal silhouette and nearly hidden drawer. It's the perfect place to stash a wireless keyboard, headphones, and any other office accessories.


Best Standing Desk With Charging Ports

If you're in need of a more dynamic work setup, a computer desk with charging ports might be exactly what you need. Our top pick? This rustic brown electric standing desk from Saedew. It features a four-port charging station (two standard plugs and two USBs), spacious drawers, a monitor stand, ‌and‌ a cup holder. Impressed yet?


Best Mobile Standing Desk

Working from home doesn't have to mean being confined to your office, especially when you have a mobile standing desk on wheels. Made by SIDUCAL, this stand-up desk lets you turn any room or corner into an instant computer workstation. It's sturdy, ergonomic, and easily height-adjustable.


Best L-Shaped Standing Desk

If you have home office space to spare, go big with an L-shaped standing desk. This one from FEZIBO has plenty of room to spread out, including a top shelf for two (or more) monitors, three drawers, and a generous amount of desk space. Its powerful electric lift system features customizable preset buttons and a smooth and fast motor.


Best Standing Desk Converter

Turn any desk into a standing desk with the help of a tabletop sit-to-stand converter. We like this one from VIVO that offers a functional 32 inches of space, a smooth and simple lift assist, and two levels for a keyboard plus monitor or laptop. Offered in three colors, it's easy to match the converter to your current desktop for a seamless look.


Best Standing Desk With Monitor Stand

This standing desk is equally functional and beautiful. It features sleek hardware, three drawers for easy organization, and a spacious built-in monitor stand. The crowd-pleasing midcentury modern design means it'll look good in any home office while the sturdy steel base and electric height-adjustable lift system make it ergonomic for anyone.



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